Bicycle keeps yourself physically fit and our environment

My bike

My son is already 2 1/2 year old but I still have the same weight after I give birth. It’s been a off and on affair with the weigh scale. I lost 10 kilos while I worked for a few months but when I went back to school as so my 10 kilos.

A month ago I decided to bike to school but how about my son that I have to deliver to the daycare. We just bought child seat. We chose to buy this model from Bo Bike from Holland, it’s expensive but reliable. It’s fast and I feel fresh and energized whenever I arrive in school. Then I have at least 50 us $ extra per month and don’t need to go fitness center. In this time of high oil prices it will be a big help both financially and for the environment.

At first my son was afraid but two days after he’s already so ecstatic riding with me. I also noticed that he became matured when we ‘re going out, he takes his cycle helmet and go direct to my bicycle and wait for me. Before he runs straight to the playground or and doesn’t want to sit on his stroller. Maybe he feels thats he’s already became one of the big boys when he’s able to ride the bicycle. Another plus, we can just go anywhere except that he won’t fall asleep, then its hard to balance while his head is hanging sideways or in my back. Another disadvantage is I can’t shop while his with me unlike using the stroller theres a shopping net underneath. Or maybe it is good for me to control my shopping or buying sprees.

I read somewhere I think last year fromTv2 about a research with most obese women in Europe that Denmark lies No.3 among the least obese. This is due to the bicycle culture and the healthy eating habits of the danish women.


This statistics form UNECE includes men and women and Sweden which just 30minutes away from here are the least obese women in Europe. While USA and Uk are in the bottom.

Holland and Denmark are the biggest cycling nations in the world wherein the infrasture system includes the bicycle lanes. Maybe because these two countries are almost flat which is makes cycling nice and easy. In this country there a still a lot of old people in their 80’s still using the bicycle. I hope I can still manage to do it when I turn 80.

My first bicycle I was a mountain bike with 24 gears until I was 7months pregnant but my husband bought me a lower geared old lady bike the one in the pictured above and used it until 3 days before I gave birth. I miss my mountain bike which drives faster but this present one is much easier to use. And I love my bicycle and so is my son.

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