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Ana Lindenhann, a Filipina mom who now spending a not so fairy tale life in Denmark. Don’t get her wrong her life is almost perfect btw Denmark is known for fairy tales remember Hans Christian Andersen of the famous Little Mermaid and other stories. It is ruled by Europe’s oldest monarchy and the princesses today are like me,  foreigners but they are called Her Royal Highnesses  but me and the rest of foreigner partners will always be called ethnic minorities or later New Danes.

Filipinamom did not dreamed of marrying somebody from different country but fate brought her here in Denmark and living a challenging life balancing motherhood and integrating to the host country keeping her Filipino traits and culture intact.

She is passionate about women’s empowerment, environmental issues, organic products, Filipino values, architecture, danish design, Filipino Design,photography, travelling family & shoes. She is got a big heart in helping the needy by giving her free doing voluntary work for for different purposes and giving free advices on and offline through her blog and in the 24 hours free counselling in the Filipina Aupair Network website and in the Facebook Page.

In this blog  you can read about her tales about motherhood, student life in Denmark, relationships, uplifting Filipina image, environmental issues and take a glimpse of the Denmark where she lives now and her motherland, the Philippines.

You are welcome to contact her at filipinamom(at)live.dk or leave a comment. Comment are moderated as there are lot of spams that floods the comment section.

Why Filipinamom?

How dare she call herself  Filipinamom! Who is this Filipinamom?  All Filipina mothers are Filipinamoms and Ana is just one of them. She may not be a perfect model representing Filipina mother  but life or mother hood is not always perfect it is a lifetime school of challenges. While her officemates and  schoolmates from highschool to college are already dealing with problems about their teenagers, this filipinamom is still dealing with how to teach her  son to cross the street, how not to run while we are inside the church, not to climb his father’s computer table while trying to discover a lot of exciting things like cd marker that he thinks is a color pencil and so on and forth. But she is thankful for all the blessing that she manage to have a wonderful life with her supportive husband, sweet son and her family around the world.

What do you see when you google Filipina ? Yes,  Filipina on the first page portrays a different Filipinas far from what she knows. Everyday thousands of filipinas are being used by datingsites and flashing everytime you open a website so she decided use the monicker Filipinamom and bought the corresponding domains because she was inspired by  Perla Paredes Daly’s www.newfilipina.com that she discovered and used to read when she was new in Denmark.  Later she  discovered  Pinoyblog.com and read Pinoycook or the blogs of Connie Veneracion where her recipes helped her rediscover Filipino foods even though she is sorrounded by her Chefs aunts and uncles, Connie’s recipe are so fantastic.  Later on she discovered the reshaping the Filipina Images campaign of Noemi Dado of Filipinaimages.com and later comes a lot of Filipina bloggers and it’s amazing.They inspire her a lot.

She can not consider herself  near the success of these Filipinas  she mentioned or anyway be as brilliant as other Filipina bloggers on the rise but the bottom line she was able to contribute in uplifting the Filipina Image having the filipinamom.com on the first page of google. Filipinas nowadays has something to tell other than trying to find a foreign husband or being marked as a maid and a golddigger. She herself is  married to a man with different nationality and she did not found him on the dating sites but email was their way of getting to know each other. Filipinas out there might find their soul mate through dating sites but she just want to tell the world hey Filipinas are not only beautiful, sweet and obedient but they brilliant mommies, sisters, colleague, chefs, helpers, aupairs, friend, girlfriends, housewives, doctors, nurses  not those scantily clad babes you see in those ads.

Blogging Wise

She started blogging  for Filipinamom in Denmark  since 2004  from WordPress.com and moved to it’s own site but until now I until now  there’s no specific niche like for example like other mommy bloggers who blogs about recipes, household tips, parental tips oh she wished that she could. But she just write what comes into her mind topics that might be relevant in her life in Denmark.

The Filipinamom in Denmark’s logo was designed by Mr. Peter Molina who was a kind hearted designer who put his talent in designing one for this blog.


all rights reserved Ana Lindenhann: Design: www.molina.dk

Or if you want to get to know me further here is my story .

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  1. hi sis, sure you can add me on your blog, it’s my honor to be the first, anyway…just leave a note if i am already added & i will surely add you up. I love to have friends specially Pinays even from different parts of the world. From blogging I gained lots of friends, some of them I have met already. 2 of which are also Pinay from Saudi and US, when they came home, we are able to meet. You can also visit, http://www.pinaymommies.com and be a part of it. Mga Filipina Mommy Bloggers from different part of the world.

    I hope that you will enjoy blogging as much as I do sis.

  2. i went here to visit i thinke 2 times anyway thanks for visit have a great day

  3. Hi can u send me a link or do you know about agencies which is connected in your company cause i want to apply as an au pair in denmark or belgium or spain. thanks a lot

  4. kudos ! you made it right, pls continue !

  5. hi hello.. i just want to asking how to apply and how to bring here my kids im pilipina and i have 2kids 1boy 1 girl im single parents i have bf danish and he wants me to bring of my kinds here and we dont know how to apply to bring here……hope u help me or give some idea how if possible to bring here…..thank you hope you reply me asp……


  7. i hope u send mail as soon possible thanks you so much im waiting your respond

  8. hello!!!! do i asking you!!!! what is the c1 that i need to get of my skills language for applying family reunification and get of points that it means i need study course c1 language we dont about that..we trying to found out whats the meaning of c1 that i need to get points….pls give me some idea hope you respond me…thanks u so much

    • Hello Coolet. I can understand your eagerness in trying to find answers to all your questions but your out of tune and this should not be the proper forum. IBesides reading the rules you have to note if you qualify- according to your age and your partner (24 yrs old then you need only obtain only 60 points, Is your partner is living in a getto ( a place where mostly foreigners live) if he does’nt then you get 20 pts, your education, and your language skills C1 means that is the highest for example they mentioned danish you should passed the Studieprøven( danish language test requirement when entering Danish University ) if it is in English you should document it by submitting a English profficiency exam like TOEFL or cambridge etc.). But still you need to study the danish language and culture because there is a Danish exam before they will approve your application.Does your partner has 100,000 dkk for the cash bond, Does he have a sufficient size house or apartment for you and your children?
      This blog is not a work or business and I’m a very busy person so I can’t meet you or send you email. if your bf is serious he should be the one to research and ask questions to proper authorities try to check this link /www.aegteskabudengraenser.dk/ they know more than me.
      Good luck

  9. hej..it's nice to know that there is the kind of sites here in denmark..I'm also married to a Dane here and will soon to be a mommy of a baby boy..my life right now is quite challenging because i dont know what lies ahead of me and my son..i hope to find and meet some filipina mothers here in denmark :-)..

    More power and God bless to each of us..

  10. I will be travelling to Denmark on 2013. It will be my first stop for my Europe tour. I hope to meet other Filipinas while I am there.

  11. Because of my great love to the Philippines, which I’ll visit for the 6th time during next Christmas & New Year, I am going to start my new web shop at http://filipino.dk – yes, I know the domain name is close to yours. I will primarily focus on selling original Filipino artistiic handicraft.
    Anyway, I would very much appreciate a nice cooperation with Filipinos here in Denmark. I am sure that we may be able to inspire each other.
    I really hope that I will hear from you pretty soon.
    With warm regards

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