A letter to my son on his 5 year birthday


My Dearest Son,

Congratulation on your birthday!!! You’re now 5 years old but it was like only yesterday that you came out to this world and now I have to answer all kinds of questions and we can discuss a lot of things. I love it when you say I’m the best mother in the world and you always tell me that you love me and even shout out loud when you see me. I have to admit that sometimes I want to freeze the time that you will always my little baby but I know that’s impossible.  But I hope you will still tell that when you grow up and have a lot of friends.

In the morning when you wakes up you always smile and kiss me and say “Good morning Mama” which makes my day complete. We sit down and we eat our breakfast together and talk while watching your favorite program in the TV, the Disney channel and your favorite videos in The Voice. We always wants to stay but then I have to deliver you to the Kindergarten and that’s when sometimes we have disagreement because you want to play more. On the way to the Kindergarten and we talk about the garbage truck or the cars along the way until I have to kiss and wave my hand and I’m not sad because I know you love to be there.

I’ m very proud of you at very young age you can do a lot of things like writing letters to me and a lot of things. You are so smart at a very young age but I’ always tell you and I pray that you stay humble and be patient if others can’t understand you. And you will always count on me to support and guide you along the way.

I thank God that you are a healthy and a happy boy who always makes me and your father happy. We can not shower you with material things but you know that we are always have time for you and we cherish every moment we spent with you. We love you and Happy 5th birthday “Anak ” God bless you always.

With love,


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