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Will Jessica Sanchez will be American Idol 2012?

Filipinos are ecstatic to see the result if the 16 year old Jessica Sanchez who’s mother is a Filipina from Bataan, Philippines will win the Season 11 American Idol.

The judges once used their right to save which is only once per season when she was put in the danger zone. Now she is in the Final and competing with Phillip Philips or PP who is vibrant and adjust the songs he chose to his own version. He’s good, especially his version  “You got tonight” it was light and easy  and to think he has a kidney problem during the show is amazing that he was able to perform at his best.

It so funny to read all the comments in Facebook and the American Idol website both from the Americans and the Filipinos which sometimes fans are so irrational and so caught up in the heat of the contest. Sometimes I think the FIlipinos  loves seing a filipino to win the American Idol are not playing fair instead of promoting or buying Jessica’s songs they floods all the videos of other contestants and sometimes speaking in tagalog which irritates the non filipinos as the thread is in English.

I like the way Jessica Sanchez sings,  it comes from the heart like her rendition of  of “I Don’t wanna miss a thing” some expects her to sing like Regine Velasquez who is known belter,  Jessica’s rendition is better, it’s more natural and to sing it in front of Steven Tyler was so amazing. Non Filipinos or Americans doesn’t like her as they say she is boring and she don’t posses any audience charisma like the other contestants. In my opinion,  she just loves to sing and caught up in her emotions when she perform. The judges loves her and they say she’s a pro but of course everybody has different opinion and taste,  so we”ll see and hope  that she will go home tonight as the winner.

What ever is the outcome I believe that she will succeed, win or lost you made us proud as Filipina Jessica Sanchez. Mabuhay.



Let pray for the victims of the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

I’m terribly saddened by the flooding of almost 80% of Metro Manila and nearby provinces even I experienced more than a dozen of almost 2 meters floods during the 28 years of my life in the Philippines but nothing can compares to the devastation of typhoon Ondoy.

The Filipinos are resilient just like the bamboo tree and you can still see they smile in the midst of their life’s tragedy but at the end of the day they will realize they lose their homes and love on ones it’s really tragic. But we can help them to help them to stand on their feet but donating to authorized agencies  but if we can’t help them financially we can help by reciting this prayer from Fr. Stephen Cuyos.

I know most Pinoy bloggers have already posted about the typhoon but I want to make this prayer as a tag to reach out as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t catholic just revise the prayer according to your faith.

You just copy the prayer and tag your friends as many as you want and just mention where you got the tag from and then inform your friend that you tag them.

Fr. Stephen Cuyos of Happy Faith started this prayer and I also post it to my Facebook wall. I will tag the following Marlene, Mom for a Cause, Maricris, Amor,Bing Sitoy, Mel, Rolly & Mathie Banaga

Prayer for the victims of the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

Loving Father, you are our shelter and our hope. We come to you with hearts full of trust in your love and mercy.

We pray for the victims of tropical storm Ondoy. May those who have lost homes and properties find shelter, enough food and clean water. Comfort those who are traumatized and those who are grieving for the loss of their families, neighbors and friends. Bless those who are sick and those who are injured that their health may be restored and their wounds cured. May you lead all who are stranded or lost back to those who love them. Guide the hands of the rescuers, the doctors and nurses and other volunteers and give them strength as they serve others with joy.

May this calamity bring people closer together, to help each other and to care for the environment. Give us the faith, the hope and the love to carry on. This we ask through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

International Literacy Day 2009: Literacy in my world

I  remember during my younger days I used to hear that it is important to learn the 3 Rs; Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. My grandparents did not finish elementary education like the rest of the Filipinos in their 80’s but they acquired their 3Rs and they speak good English because of the presence of Americans at that time. They inherited large vast of land but their 3Rs wasn’t of any help because they did not acquire the right skills or education to manage their resources so those lands later we’re dispensed by their heirs.

That’s why in the Philippines it is the ultimate dream of every parent to send their children to college because that’s their passport to a better life. It is compulsory for children from 7 to 12 years to go to school which is the elementary level and there are public elementary schools as well as high schools. Although according to the Statistic in School year 2007-08, there were 12.93 million pupils against 931 thousand in private, the public school is not the ideal place for all because of deteriorating state of the public school buildings due to  the lack of government funds to build more classrooms and provide a good salary for the public teachers. When calamities like typhoons, heavy floods, earthquake etc. these schools are affected. Just in my province where a dozen of typhoons visits every year I’m saddened to hear that school children sit and learn without a roof over their head. They hold classes under a tree or just inside the ruined classrooms because of no funding from the government.

That’s why most Filipinos prefer to send their children in private schools but that’s another issue because of the government’s lack of control to these private institutions it becomes so expensive because of tuition increases every year. This drives 1. 7 millions of Filipinos to seek greener pasture outside the country to be able to afford the send their children to college. Because that’s the only way their children can compete in the job market and they will not suffer the difficulties their parent had experienced.

As of 2008, there are 88,574,614 Filipinos and every year there around 350,00 new graduates every year. The Philippines cannot provide a job for the new graduates, Filipino nurses, doctors, caregivers, domestic helpers etc. became the no.1 export of the Philippines which in turn keeps the economy afloat.

ncso stats

At the moment in the Philippines, the 3Rs, the basic foundation of learning is I think is already obsolete.We need to expand a little bit more to acquire skills one doesn’t need to acquire a bachelor degree but to acquire skills in different trades like for example in the construction industry. In Denmark, you need to be educated as a carpenter before you can work. A skilled carpenter you learn how to read a plan, knowledge of materials etc., and when you have enough experience then you can be an entrepreneur.

In Denmark, the literacy is about 99% and it is compulsory for children from 6-16 to go to public school (primary). They have the option of Secondary education which is a prerequisite to Higher Education. Every citizen has a right to go a higher education free of charge and receive a corresponding stipendium whether you live in your parent house or not. But sometimes I feel sad when the state provides its citizen with free education but the majority chose to work instead than to pursue a degree. There is a labor union 3F slogan that talks about higher education for longer life because unskilled work makes you unhappy and worn out.

Sep022958fed9tember 8 was proclaimed by UNESCO as the International Literacy Day which aims to remind us that to think about marginalized people who are still illiterate. Some 774 million adults lack minimum literacy skills; one in five adults is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women; 72.1 million children are out-of-school and many more attend irregularly or drop out.

Being literate or educated doesn’t put you in a higher position than the unfortunate ones but rather equip with wisdom and understanding of the problems of inequality. Like the UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon message that ” Literacy is not only about reading and writing- its about respect, opportunity, and development”.

Let us remember that even the simple foundation of education the 3 Rs is still important to 774 million people so let us empower them by helping by all means. Support the UNESCO program for eradicating illiteracy.

The  Philippines won the second award for the Confucious Prize for Literacy went to the  Agoo Municipal Literacy  Coordination which their program can be read here. Congratulation.

Please Vote for Einer Lyduch for European Parliament

From June 4-7 , the 26 European countries will go out vote for MEP or member of the European Parliament for the term 2009-2014 on June 4-7. Each country has a fix number of MEP’s which depends on the number of inhabitants for example in Denmark their are 14 MEP’s representing different political parties.

Denmark’s turn to go tot he polls is on June 7 and it’s 7th time they will vote for EU Parliament.
I will take this opportunity to ask for Filipinos in Denmark to support Einer Lyduch of the Social Democratic Party.


Who is Einer Lyduch?

Einer is one of the first Dane I knew and talked with when I was newcomer in Denmark and we as far as I can remember we talked about a lot of things mostly politics and social problems. He was well verse with the Philippines politics because he is married for I think 30 years to one of my mentors in our women’s organization, Amelia Abainza Lyduch who has turned 60 this year. They are blessed with 2 children Naomi and Richard plus their only grandchild Denzel.


Amelia Lyduch, a filipinamom

He is presently working in Neils Brocks Business College as study assistant Professor. He has MA in history, danish and English. For 20 years he was the union representative for Secondary School Teachers Union. He together with his wife spearheaded a NGO, Pugad who helps marginalized people in developing countries.

His political standpoint-

We share the fate of the EU, and have the same challenges: Always fighting for jobs, giving each citizen opportunities to combat social exclusion and poverty, to reconcile material growth with environmental sustainability and responsibility for future generations. Therefore, the vision of the EU to unite Europe so we can better solve our common problems and make a meaningful effort in relation to poor countries.

The Socialist objective is to promote human rights, social justice and peace. The EU should serve as a platform in the fight for human development, and we must work for the EU to take a social leadership in globalization. Responses to globalization is political acumen, where the market is balanced by political solutions. And it requires a full showdown with the EU’s agricultural tariff barriers and protectionism.

Don’t forget get out and vote on June 7, 2009 and Vote for Einer Lyduch personally. Filipinamoms in Denmark and the rest of the Filipinos let us unite and Support Einer. Send email to you danish friends and colleagues to vote for him and join him in Facebook. Let us plurk, tweet, shout at friendster and other social networking sites.

To know more about him and his party visit their website at and also pay a visit to the EU Parliament website and learn about the importance of having your voices be heard in EU.

Scary pig influenza outbreak

pig There’s new scare in town the pig influenza which according to Webster online dictionary it is

“An acute highly contagious, respiratory disease caused primarily by a Type-A infuenza virus and characterized by depression, fever, anorexia, coughing, dyspnea, muscular weakness, prostration, and a mucous discharge from the eyes and nose. Pigs are the principal hosts of swine influenza virus, although infuenza viruses found in pigs also occur in man and birds. Source: European Union.”

It’s all over the news around the world where it is feared to kill around 150 people in Mexico. Confirmed statistics of people diagnosed carrying the feared hog influenza virus in USA there are 40 cases but no death toll yet, 6 Canada, 2 in Great Britain, 1in Spain and 2 who are undergoing test in Denmark. And they only one thing in common they had been in Mexico which is by the way had been rammed by an earthquake at least 5.5 in the Richter Scale. Not a lucky day for Mexico :(.

The health ministers in Europe are busy an visible in the news explaining about the new scare and they advised their citizens not to travel in Mexico if it is not so important. The World Health Organization (WHO) raised the pandemic alert level to 4 which means that the virus is spreading among humans. The top EU personality advised from travelling d to Mexico an to the US but President Obama calmly stated that “The outbreak i areason for concern but not yet cause for an alarm”.

I’m also concern because according to the experts this virus hits the active healthy people well I don’t know but I just hope it will be contained soon….

Happy International Women’s Day 2009

iwd2 Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day and I thank all our fore Mothers in their effort to fight for women’s right which was unheard of more than 100 years ago.

In Copenhagen we celebrated 100 years of women’s right to vote in the local elections and it was celebrated for almost a year. I joined the celebration together with the Babaylan Denmark in the Copenhagen City Square but unfortunately I haven’t took any pictures since I cooked some food and sold it later . I prepared calderita ( a little bit spicy beef dish) and pancit canton (egg noodles with vegetables and my friend prepared lumpia (spring rolls and leche plan) and it was a big hit everythin was sold out while people watched the program and the open concert featuring the likes of Anne Linnet, Sanne Salomonsen and other famous danish women singers.
This year’s theme is Women and Men united to end violence against women and girls. The Women’s Council of Denmark is spearheading the demonstration in the Copenhagen City Hall Square against total ban of prostitution and afterwards there are severals debate and workshop about the topic.
According to the Women’s council there is an increade of 40% of prostitutes in Denmark in contrast to Norway and Sweden who impost ban on the sex trade. I’m support the ban because it I once had a friend who’s friend was a victim of human trafficking and was sold by her own sister who also in the same trade. It was horrifying just to hear the story and with the au pair problems we have here and the other part of worlds there were rumors that some au pairs are doing it. I don’t know it is true but it is still a big problem for the Philippine Government because of the au pair ban. They should tackle this problem since au pairs are also nameless OFW who sends money to families but when something happens to them then nobody can help them.

learn about human traficking in this link

In Denmark International Women’s Day is still called International Women’s Fight Dag (or according to Google translate it is Struggle) as it was in the start of the movement. Women in old times just like in any other countries don’t have any right to vote, to study and so on. But in 1910 in Copenhagen there was a International Conference of Working Women who agreed to celebrate a common day of Women’s Day all over the world to make a big impact of the women’s issue if it done globally. The 100 participants in 17 countries unanimously agreed and thus the present celebration started in 1911.
The Philippines theme is Babae, Yaman ka ng Bayan (Woman, Your are the treasure of the country). This recognizes women’s part in nation building which is so relevant in this time of financial crisis. Filipinas comprises the big bulk of migrant workers in Europe there are nurses, doctors, caregivers, domestic helpers, and other professions. How about the womens or wives of Filipino Overseas workers who are left behind to take care of the children and manage the income sent by their husband. These are the Filipinas are important resource to help to improve the reduction of poverty by creating a various activities like entrepreneurial summit for Women. In this times of financial needs we all need to learn how to help our spouses to cope with the crisis and in a way contributes to the country’s economy.

Know more about the Filipina Womens Role in the website of National Commision on Th e Role of Filipina Women

Read my post here about gender gap

Filipina women ahead of the danish women in closing gap on Gender equality

Today women can vote, study and become CEOs but the fight is not over. Here in the Denmark where we have a Ministry of Equality there is still inequalities in the rate of salaries when you’re a woman and a few women In top office. Why because when you’re a woman you give birth which means longer maternal leave. Maybe we have PMS so sometimes we have humor changes.

But these are all minor problems when it comes to the third world countries like violence of women, high maternal mortality rate because they on’t ge the right medical supervision under pregnancy, and still a lot mention.

So I think celebrating the International Women’s Day is still relevant so the world will know that women are still not considered equal to men in many countries. And the women who achieved freedom continue to fight for others who are not allowed or who don’t know that they have the same rights as men.

Well, Anyway Happy International Women’s Day!

El Madrid de Filipinas- A commercial of Madrid Subway

I just stumble this and it’s been in my brother’s media box in Friendster since last year. He said that this commercial was running in the Spanish television for a year. I read some of the comments that a lot of Filipinos are offended by this but I think it was done in a good faith or the Filipino cast will not appear on this commercial.

The Madrid Subway system is one of the largest in the world. It is the best and cheapest way to get around the Greater Madrid. It only cost 1 euro for a single ticket inside the Zone A or the Madrid center an you can change trains while still inside the subway. So far I could say it is reasonably clean especially the new stations and they are in the process of renovating the old ones. The train schedules are very efficient unlike the danish train systems. It is cheaper to buy a 10 trips clip card it cost only 7.40 euros and they also have something for tourist me which is no limit rides for min.of 1 and maximum of 7 days.

In comparison to Denmark Madrid train system is not child or baby friendly because of the absence of elevator in most of the stations. It always a nightmare for me when I travel with my son on his pushchair or stroller just imagine the Station near my parent’s apartment is several levels down I thinks it is 6 escalators down. Its very typical that parents navigating the escalators with their children strollers and sometimes people are willing to help you carry the strollers with the baby. Yesterday I went to visit my father alone and I thought I can manage but still I’m not that brave I have to carry to umbrella stroller and hold my son’s hand but I back out when I saw it is 10-15 meters deep. We just used the stairs and everybody thought we are so dumb but maybe they’re right because my leg were shaking while I’m hoping we will reach the last steps. The next flight of escalators I just asked someone to carry the stroller and they’re happy to obliged. Thank God we arrived home safely but I took the bus on the way home.

It so funny there is even a sign in the train platform as to where the handicaps should wait but hey how can those with wheelchair go down? Did they fly, crawl or somebody carried them down? I used the Metro or the train i Madrid several times but I haven’t seen anybody in a wheelchair used the subway. For that I Spanish subway thumbs down.

Here’s the commercial.

What do you think? Are you offended? In my opinion they just recognize the Philippines as you know there are hundreds thousands of Filipinos here.

Tragedy in Belgium

Yesterday Belgium were shocked to hear that 2 children and 1 adult were killed by a man who went into amok in a kindergarten and injured furthermore 10 children an 2 adults.  The killings happened in Dendermonde, 30 kilometers north of Brussels.  The doctors are still fighting to save the injured both children and adults. There were 18 children in total present during the rampage luckily most of the children are out. They said that the man painted his face black and white inspired by the joker in the Batman movie.  He just announced that he wanted to ask something and upon entering he just went to the small children area with under 3 years old children and started stabbing.  It’s horrible just to imagine babies who can not even talk, or stand up experience that.  Some of the pictures shown on the TV the police have to write a number on the children’s forehead for identification purposes because they don’t even know how to contact the parents.

According to what I hear in the news that the children are Vuggestue children which means they are younger than 3 years old.Having a 3 year old and my nephew still go tot he Vuggestue (A day care institution for small children form 6 months to 3 years old) my hearts bleeds and I offer sympathy and condolence to the Belgian parents.  I don’t know how to cope up with that situation.

Click to see and hear the original news in English here


It seems that the man was insane and had been to the psychiatric hospital and he is fascinated with the batman movie which I just watch the other day and I commented to my husband this joker is ruthless and evil with no empathy to anyone than the one played by Jack Nicholson.  His room  full of Heath Ledger paraphernalia and yesterday where the killings occurred is  his death anniversary.  The police are looking for the motives of the killing and the connection of the joker.   I just hope that he just chose batman instead of the joker. Which remind us to be vigilant on what kind of movies our children are seeing and what they surfing on the net and always be really to guide and give explanations.

I Denmark we also  leaves our children in the institution there is a Day Care for 3 years old and below and the kindergarten for 6-3 years old. Now  everybody is questioning the safety and security if the institutions which sometimes are tainted with pedophile and violence within the personnels once in while but note it is not rampant here. But nonetheless some became so paranoid that we can not take pictures of the children while in the institution because we signs a agreement if we allow them to post our children in their homepage or not so to it is not allowed to take a picture of your own children together with others.  It’s sad but that’s life nowadays I call it the disadvantage of the digital world.

Please say a prayer for the dead victims and fast recovery of the injured ones that hope that they will forget the dark chapter of their lives and especially to the parents I once again sympathize with them. Pray also that these violent episodes may not happens in the future.

President Barack OBama- The symbol of Hope of Ordinary People

President Barrack Obama, The 44th President of the USA

President Barack Obama, The 44th President of the USA

Today is a special day in fact a historic day. By 18.00 here in Denmark we will see live telecast of the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of The USA. What makes it special is that he represent hopes and faith in ordinary people like me and you that as a half-African-American can be a president in a country like the USA. Being a half-black he proves that he is not inferior to the white race by finishing his studies at the Harvard University amidst the hardship of tackling the harsh realities of life of racial discrimination. But thanks to his mother and his white grandparents who raised him as God fearing Christian and instilling faith in people and guiding him toward finishing an education which of course that leads him to the presidential office.

He doesn’t only bring hope to the Americans but also to the whole world. People who are labeled just another ethnic background, ethnic minorities, foreigners or immigrants even though these people are holding danish citizenship and have been living here most of their lives also hopes that the danish politicians and the ordinary citizens accepts them as fellow citizens and acknowledge their credentials as part of the society. I’m a foreigner married to a Dane went to a danish language school and still go an International Line in a Danish Educational Institution but still I can feel the difference and reluctance of the locals teachers and students about the capabilities of foreigners. In a country where there’s a huge shortage of workers doctors, nurses an other health workers and other professions it’s very odd that they are not utilizing the vast resources they have on hand just because they are foreigners? There’s alot of sad stories like one guy who has a PH.d degree in a Danish university still drives a taxi and a guy who was an Architect and a professor in his country cannot practice here but sells clothes although he tried to study again but the teachers are like his students he knows more than them do he stops. These stories makes me think about my future because studying isn’t a pass to get a job here. It’s hard to get a job interview if you have a foreign sounding name. What’s even worst those who were borne and raised here but still they are being referred to as second or third generation immigrants and being seen as the bad ones. I’m not proud that these foreigners do stupid things and just relying on social benefits but they doesn’t represent everybody. The Filipinos and most Asians are the most industrious people here and they just want to work and provide for their families. USA is an immigrant’s country unlike Denmark and the rest of Europe but they were the ones who immigrated to USA in the old times but isn’t it the human way to cope with changes either forced or by choice to migrate. It’s their country and they have all the right to protect it but the world is changing because of globalization and influx of migration and they cannot stop it. But I just hope the danish politicians and the people perception of foreigners in Denmark will change from fear to acceptance but if they will make law, address the problems or cautions to to make their life useful here in the country I think we will see lesser problems in the future. Or maybe we will find another Barrack Obama in the future.

Soon there will be elections in the Philippines and I do hope that there will another Barack Obama that will unite the Filipinos. It doesn’t matter where he/she comes from, whether from the elite or from the masa (ordinary people) but the most important thing is the will to govern without bowing from anyone either from businessmen, world bank, friends, politicians, family and others with their own selfish motives. We are a young nation compared to these Europeans countries but we have to stand up and make the right choice next time. People have to voice out heir opinions and with the power of the people which was before the fight is on the street. But like Barack Obama the people who shares his beliefs in change and dreams, used the power of the internet to mobilize the people who believes in him.

I believe there’s still hope if the people will live in harmony forget the Filipino’s crab mentality (if I can’t have it neither than you) and the danish Jante lov (Don’t you think you’re better than us ) which means almost the same isn’t it? but that’s another separate post. What we need is respect and faith in the human race whatever race or color or religion we still can live in harmony if respects each other beliefs and opinions and obey the law of the host country we’re living.

MABUHAY (Long Live)



to you President Barack Obama Congratulations and Good Luck

The Global Financial Crisis Affects Everyone

Are you affected by the recent financial crisis? In Island they provide crisis center to it’s citizen who were affected by the recent financial crisis where they provide psychological help. Everyday you just hear about several banks that goes bankrupt or taken over by other financial institution or by the state. The stocks market knows only one way that is DOWN . Many states tried to provide help package like in the USA’s 700 B US$ whewww! but it did not dampen the investor they want to cash out.

In ordinary life the big loser are those who bought their properties with flexible loans especially now that the price of properties are also on the way DOWN because now the interest rates is 5%. I have some friends who purchased new apartments and while their old apartments are not yet sold so they are paying 2 mortgages whiles their values is going DOWN.

Some people always looks us in different way we just live in a rented apartment. The trend here is that you move to bigger apartment when you have children and sometimes it also cross my mind but now I happy that we did not tried to invest in one. I have some friends mostly pinoy who fall to this credit thing because it was very easy to ask for credit especially in the shops but they don’t look at the rate and their household finances in the future. I think because in the Philippines it is so hard own a credit card even you declare your true income they will not approve you while here you gets a lot of offer that sometimes you get irritated. Here you can open an account without any money just your personal register no. while in the Philippines you are required to opening amount and maintain or else they will deduct your account every month.

Luckily for us we don’t own properties and we don’t owe anything but still the uncertainty is there it is more expensive to borrow money when we have the need for it and the risk of losing job. Anyway there is an insurance when you lose your job but still you can not live the life you wanted.

Ohh maybe we are directly affected because my son have some shares of stocks in a bank where I keep his savings but now it’s less than half its worth when I first bought it tsk.tsk.

But the Filipinos have been through a lot of crisis and they still survived remember the 1998 Asian crisis I was affected by it since i was in the construction industry. We still managed to smile and say that’s life we never heard of psychologist.

But I just hope that soon this crisis will be over .

How about you? are you affected in someways?