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HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark passed away.

Prince Henrik of Denmark, the Queen’s husband died died last February 13 just a few minutes before midnight in their Winter palace in Fredensborg. Friday, the 16th of February I went to the Amalienborg Castle to see the bed of flowers.

Rip HRH Henrik of Denmark #prinshenrik #amalienborg

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Filipinamom is alive and kicking


FMD header 2014

Just include my latest picture in the new header that was taken last May 2014 when I was Hermana Mayor for the Santacruzan in Copenhagen. Nice photo by Jeck.


My dear readers after a long hiatus I need to post that I’m still alive and kicking. You know when a blogger doesn’t update his/her blog for  a longer period  then avid readers wonders if the the blogger is dead. But NO, I’m still alive and kicking. My life has been through a series of challenges worth blogging about from motherhood, to wife, to a community leader, women empowerment advocat, battling with day to day life here in my so called home now , Denmark  but I don’t know if its the buziness that keeps me blogging or just what we call in the blogger world as blogger’s block.

My desire to write or blog is always  there but it comes to a point  that when I start to write  then I can’t continue at all like all the thoughts just stuck in  my head. If my readers miss me then them.  I also miss one of my previous hobby blog hopping. I read several blogs that gives advise to put a stop to blogger’s block and one of them is is to visit other bloggers to gain inspiration and I think that slowly that’s help. Cleaning up the site totally like useless links and cluttered will also help but it needs a lot of time. I will in time need to do that but right I’m just going to blog. My notebook is full of ideas and ten of thousands of pictures which I think I can use.
Not only once but I experienced several times to meet my readers in person and was so glad and encourage me to go back to writing/ blogging again and that is what I’m going to do. I’m so active in community activities especially in women empowerment and blogging about it can help in gaining awareness to my advocacies. I used to have a steady visitors but to be a successful blogger is  like a relationship one should nurture by posting regularly  and interact with the readers.
I hope you can visit me again and get a peek to the adventures of the Filipinamom in Denmark.

Gala Night and Fiesta to celebrate 114th Philippine Independece in Odense Denmark

WHAT: Philippine Independence Day Event in Odense,
WHEN: June 2
WHERE: Marienlystcenter
Windelsvej 138
5000 Odense C

Raffle ticket for adults — 200kr (inclusive food and raffle tickets ):
1st prize 1 Apple Ipad worth 3k
2nd prize worth 2k
3rd worth 1k

Best in costume:
1st 1k
2nd 500kr
3rd 300 kr

Children’s ticket — 100 kr (foods and raffle ticket)
1st prize 500kr
2nd 300kr
3rd 200kr

Asian Dishes, lechon baboy and stege mad (drink for sale at the venue for a reasonable prices)
A lot of consolation prizes, Cultural show (singing , folk dancing hiphop and modern dance numbers)
If you don’t have a ticket yet please contact: Miss Araceli Andersen 40480096

Invitation for Babaylan Denmark's114th Gala Night & Fiesta

Menu for the buffet style dining on June 2, 2012

Will Jessica Sanchez will be American Idol 2012?

Filipinos are ecstatic to see the result if the 16 year old Jessica Sanchez who’s mother is a Filipina from Bataan, Philippines will win the Season 11 American Idol.

The judges once used their right to save which is only once per season when she was put in the danger zone. Now she is in the Final and competing with Phillip Philips or PP who is vibrant and adjust the songs he chose to his own version. He’s good, especially his version  “You got tonight” it was light and easy  and to think he has a kidney problem during the show is amazing that he was able to perform at his best.

It so funny to read all the comments in Facebook and the American Idol website both from the Americans and the Filipinos which sometimes fans are so irrational and so caught up in the heat of the contest. Sometimes I think the FIlipinos  loves seing a filipino to win the American Idol are not playing fair instead of promoting or buying Jessica’s songs they floods all the videos of other contestants and sometimes speaking in tagalog which irritates the non filipinos as the thread is in English.

I like the way Jessica Sanchez sings,  it comes from the heart like her rendition of  of “I Don’t wanna miss a thing” some expects her to sing like Regine Velasquez who is known belter,  Jessica’s rendition is better, it’s more natural and to sing it in front of Steven Tyler was so amazing. Non Filipinos or Americans doesn’t like her as they say she is boring and she don’t posses any audience charisma like the other contestants. In my opinion,  she just loves to sing and caught up in her emotions when she perform. The judges loves her and they say she’s a pro but of course everybody has different opinion and taste,  so we”ll see and hope  that she will go home tonight as the winner.

What ever is the outcome I believe that she will succeed, win or lost you made us proud as Filipina Jessica Sanchez. Mabuhay.



New rules for family reunification in Denmark

This month the Danish Parliament has ratified the immigration rules concerning Family Reunification in Denmark. For the last 10 years the former goverment which is supported by right wing party has tightened the the immigration rules specially when they introduce the point system which they prioritize highly educated foreigners and those who speak the world Language for example English, German etc. by giving the highest points. Danish citizen who found love outside Denmark and the EU land were having a hard time getting their partner to join them i Denmark unless they will pass the exam and get enough points.
The present  goverment which is lead by Social Democrats made some changes such as elimation of the processing fee, the point system, immigration and reduction of the cash bond from 100,000 dk to 50,000dkk and following are he new rules.

**New rules for family reunification

Parliament has ratified a new law concerning family reunification in Denmark.

These new rules will go into effect on 15 May 2012.

    Among the changes are:

  • The fee to apply for family reunification – including applications for extensions, permanent residence, reopening applications and appealing rejections – will be eliminated.
  • The point system, which required applicants to acquire 120 or 60 points, used in family reunification cases will be eliminated. The minimum age requirement will also revert back to earlier rules so that both spouses involved in family reunification must again normally be at least 24, as it was prior to the law changes of 1 July 2011.
  • The connection requirement will also revert back to the stipulations in place before 1 July 2011. This means that the combined affiliation to Denmark of both spouses must be greater, but not much greater, to Denmark than their affiliation to another country.
  • The connection requirement will not apply if the spouse living in Denmark has been a Danish citizen for longer than 26 years or if the spouse living in Denmark is a foreign national who was born in Denmark or came to Denmark as a child and has remained in Denmark legally for 26 years. Previously the requirement was 28 years.
  • The immigration test will be eliminated and instead a Danish language test will be implemented. The applicant will be required to pass the test no later than six months after being granted family reunification.
  • The collateral requirement will be reduced from 100,000 kroner to 50,000 kroner.

From 15 May detailed information about family reunification rules on the Immigration Service’s website and here you will also find revised application forms containing relevant guidance.

Applications for family reunification submitted before 15 May 2012, can be processed according to the new family reunification rules, if the applicant informs the Immigration Service of this. Fees paid in connection with the application will however not be refunded.

With the ratification of these changes, applications for family reunification submitted after 15 May 2012, will normally be subject to the following requirements:

    For both partners:

  • Marriages must be legitimate according to Danish law.
  • Cohabitating partners must have been in a relationship and lived together for an extended period of time – normally you must be able to document a minimum of 18 months cohabitation at shared address.
  • Both parties must have entered into the marriage or partnership of their own free will.
  • The marriage or relation must not have been established for the sole purpose of gaining residence.
    For the foreign spouse:

  • You must be at least 24.
  • You must fulfill your part of the connection requirements
  • You must pass a Danish language test no later than six months after being granted a residence permit.
    Requirements for the spouse already living in Denmark:

  • You must be at least 24.
  • You may not have been convicted of certain crimes against domestic violence offences within the last 10 years.
  • You must assume the responsibility of financially supporting your partner
  • If you are a foreign national and do not have residence according to Sections 7 and 8 of the Immigration Act (refugees), you must have been a permanent resident for at least three years.
  • If you are a foreign national, you must meet some of the requirements for permanent residence.
  • You must fulfill your part of the connection requirements.
  • You must be able to support yourself financially, which means that you may not have received certain types of public benefits within the past three years.
  • You must have adequately sized accommodations at your disposal.
  • You must provide 50,000 kroner in collateral to cover the cost of providing certain types of public assistance for your spouse, should it be necessary.

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Hello World, Hello Christmas

Hello World is the first posting from a wordpress blog and hello christmas since today is Dec.1

Hello it has been a long time since I post here I don’t know why but maybe a blogger’s block. Reading some of the old post here I realized how exciting it was for me to post something I care about family, traditions and my advocacies but then blog is like life it has it’s up and down. Don’t get me wrong,  I love my life. I’m blessed with a nice man who supports me and my  adorable son. These past 2 years there’s a lot of interesting things to write not only about my life but all the things that I care about but I just can’t. I’m still active in my organization and giving free counselling in the Filipina Aupair Network Facebook  fan page which I mange alone with 2,550 members.

I somehow managed to cross a bit out of my cocoon when I finished my dissertation report which I did for less than 3 weeks. I know the topic very well  and it was so overwhelming cause it was my specialization but in the end I still have to struggle putting everything  into written form but it went fine and my report passed.

So what is wrong?.  Nothing is wrong with me but maybe one thing was living in Denmark which was governed by liberals with the support and influence of a right-wing party who hates foreigners makes me loss my appetite to write something positive. When I came here the  government who was new at that time started to imposed new rules for foreigners which also affected my staying although we did not pay the cash bond I was under the new rules.

After 10 years the parties in the government  it was exhausting but now we have a new government composed of parties in the left and the first woman Prime Minister, they changed most of the strict and rolled back into more acceptable rules. Of course my life is better than it was in the Philippines but it’s not perfect. And there also a dark cloud hanging over us, the financial crisis so I hope and pray that soon it will be alright.

Blogging is like life it got it’s up and down. We want it to be perfect but it’s impossible cause you learn from the trials and imperfection which makes stronger and ready to face another challenge.  Sometimes I want to write something very meaningful but then I have high expectation I forgot that this is not a thesis that I need to prove something and wats to get high-grade but this just my journal  although it would be nice to write grammatically perfect articles  but who cares this blog is still mine I don’t write just because I need to earn. My advisor in my report told me when I was trying to follow all the guidelines in doing a report, that write in your english, don’t use american or british english but your english.  But like life blog has to be nurtured back to life by posting and reestablish connections to readers  so inspite of my busy schedule I will try once in while to vent out my frustrations and  triumphs.

I met one strong and empowered  Filipina from Australia who also read this blog and told I should see the movie starring Meryl Streep as Julia Child and the blogger Julie and I saw it finally 2 months ago and it was nice cause I love everything about food. But it was not all about food it was a story of Julie who started blogging because of boredom and lack of challenge so she started to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s recipe and in the end she became known and actually the film was based on her blog success. My point is Julia Child did not became famous she was a good cook to begin with but she love cooking for her husband and the French cuisine but by overcoming the challenges that lead her to write the book. She was frowned upon by the Head of the cooking school but she proved that she can do it and with her determination her book became famous and she became a household name.

Æbleskiver Source: wikipedia commons

Today is 1st of December and  it means christmas is fast approaching and it means family time in the Philippines. December is high season for all the airlines because millions of Filipinos around the world wants to join their families during this special occasion. We were at  my son’s kindergarten to join the staff, children and parents the christmas lunch as my son reminded us (Christmas lunch is Danish tradition which equals to christmas party in the Philippines) . They served æbleskiver and glogg og I don’t know how to translate that in English ok I’ll try æble skiver are made of flour with eggs the same one when you do a pancake. Æble skiver means apple slices but there’s no apple but maybe they form into circles like apples and then put in to this special pan at left or in the oven as we always buy frozen ones.

Gløgg as translated in google is mulled wine but I don’t know if that’s right. It is a mixture of wine with sugar, chopped almonds, raisins which is drink hot because they cooked a caramelized sugar with the alcohol while mixing the other ingredients. I find it nice to drink especially during this cold months.

Later we went to the backyard and danced around  to a tall christmas tree while singing christmas songs together with Santa Claus and his wife. It was fun.

My life has been colorful and wonderful and I thank God for that. Looking back and I cherish all the memories especially during our childhood together with my brothers and sisters who embraced life our parent has given us. We were not rich but we were  blessed by wonderful parents who did everything to give us things they did not get like education. I learned something try to live your life as it is your last.  You have to show your love ones how much you love them and cherish the moments because that’s the only time we have.

It’s funny that I found one post in one of my first blog on blogspot it was a post about my sister who was at time beginning to show signs of  sickness but today she maybe can understand for a moment but I do hope and pray that she will be cured and live a normal life. I love her so much that it hurts me whenever I remember her. She turns 40 this year and she’s the only single in our family.

Today is my sister birthday. I would like to start my blog with a wish for all the best and blessings in the many years ahead. It was like yesterday that we were climbing some trees fx. the guava tree in our backyard and camachile tree while eating their sweet fruits on. Now we are still climbing different kind of trees, the tree of life trying to reach out to the sweet fruit that are just waiting for us. Sometimes we get a sweet fruit but sometimes its rotten and most of the times we stepped on the small and brittle branches that we thought to be strong to carry us to our aim but nope when we stepped on its start to crack and we go back and try again until we reach what were after. Sometimes that’s how I see our life, its full of ups and downs and challenges. What is important is to never to stop trying reaching what we dreamed of.


Happy 40th Birthday my dear sister

Sis i love u and this poem is for u.

Happy Birthday
Til lykke

Reflections ARE

Reflections aren’t just from the past
They are things that are here to last
Memories are not just yesterday
They are wondrous parts of us that stay.
Looking back at those things that were so good

Like a happy thought that is as it should.
There are times and people near forgotten
But reflections color things so caught in
The web of our mind, like azure blue sky

Upon the water now caught by the eye.
And stately trees of emerald green
Echoing their past of things once seen.
While laughter comes from so deep within

Yesterday’s warmth can blanket one’s skin.
And as I reflect on times long ago
I pull out the good and the rest I throw
To the winds that are billowing hard;

To the storms that may now sweep the yard;
To places I need no longer

And I find peace as bright as the snow.

Poem by M.J.M. ©1999

Thanks a lot my dear readers.

New Family Reunification Rules in Denmark

familieSamføring i danmark

familieSamføring i danmarkThere’s has been a lot of changes in the foreign law in Denmark. For the past 10 years foreigners are the always caught in the negotiations whenever the present government wanted to pass their programs the right-wing party Danish Peoples Party always try their best to pass strict rules for foreigners to come to Denmark either refugees or by family reunions. Last year when they introduce the point system where the foreign partner should get certain points according to his/her education, language skills, work experience etc.. it was perceived by the Danish citizens as the state dictates who their citizen wanted to marry and discriminates against people who are not highly educated, doesn’t speak English, Scandinavian language etc. in high level. They even processing fess when submitting applications for residence and working permits. The foreign partner also have to pass the Danish immigration test wherein they have to pay just to get the exam and they also have to pay when the foreign partner has to prepare for the exam by going to language school inside or outside Denmark. Finding a foreign partner makes it more difficult and expensive.

I will repost the requirements her and for Filipinos who are asking me if they can  come to Denmark via family reunion please read this new rules.

New family reunification rules

On 1 June 2011, the Danish Parliament changed the rules for
family reunification for spouses/partners.

In the course of June 2011, detailed information about the rules for family reunification for spouses/partners will be published in  the Danish Immigration website, along with new application forms.

The new rules apply to all applications for family reunification with a spouse/partner submitted from 1 July 2011.

The changes are as follows:

If the spouse/partner residing in Denmark is a foreign national,he/she must meet some of the requirements which are to be met when applying for a permanent residence permit. These requirements must also be met if the spouse/partner residing in Denmark has been granted a permanent residence permit under the rules which applied before 26 March 2010. Consequently, when the Danish Immigration Service receives an application for family reunification with a spouse/partner, it will assess whether the spouse/partner residing in Denmark can be given points for the following criteria:

  1. having resided legally in Denmark for at least the past four years
  2. not having committed any serious crimes
  3. not having any overdue public debts
  4. not having received certain types of public assistance for the past three years
  5. having submitted a signed declaration about integration and active citizenship in Danish society
  6. having passed Prøve i Dansk 2 (Danish exam, level 2) or the equivalent
  7. having had ordinary full-time employment in Denmark for at least 2½ out of the past 3 years
    1. having had ordinary full-time employment in Denmark for at least 4 out of the past 4½ years, or
    2. having completed a higher educational programme, professional bachelor’s degree, business academy or vocational upper  secondary, or
    3. having passed Prøve i Dansk 3 (Danish exam, level 3) or the equivalent
  • A point system for the applicant will be introduced. If both spouses/partners are over 24, the applicant must normally obtain 60
    points. If one or both spouses/partners are under 24, the applicant must normally obtain 120 points. These points will be granted based on a number of qualifications relevant to integration, such as work experience, language skills and completed education.
  • The attachment requirement is tightened so that the spouses’/partners’ combined attachment to Denmark must be considerably greater than their combined attachment to any other country. The attachment requirement will be changed for both the spouse/partner residing in Denmark and the foreign spouse/partner. In future, the foreign spouse/partner must normally have visited Denmark twice, and must have completed a Danish language course on A1 level. The spouse/partner residing in Denmark must normally have resided in Denmark for at least 15 years, and must have made an effort to integrate into Danish society. As is the case today, the attachment requirement in not to be met if the spouse/partner residing in Denmark has held Danish citizenship for over 28 years, or if he/she was born and raised in Denmark or came to Denmark as a small child, and has resided legally in Denmark for over
    28 years.
  • The collateral requirement will be raised to DKK 100,000 (2011 level)
  • The language requirement in connection with the immigration test will be tightened, and the fee for taking the new test will be raised to DKK 3,600. (This change will not apply until the new immigration test has been developed – probably around 1 January 2012.)
  • The fee for submitting an application for family reunification with a spouse/partner is raised from DKK 5,975 toDKK 7,775 .

From 1 July 2011, when the new rules apply, the general requirements for family reunification with a spouse/partner will be as follows:

Requirements relating to both spouses/partners:

  • The marriage/registered partnership must be recognized by Danish law.
  • In the case of couples who are not legally married or registered partners, the relationship must be of a permanent and lasting nature -normally, the couple must be able to document that they have lived together for at least 18 months at a shared address.
  • The marriage/partnership must have been entered into according to the wishes of both spouses/partners.
  • The marriage/partnership must not have been entered into solely for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit for the applicant.

Requirements relating to the foreign spouse/partner:

  • The foreign spouse/partner must meet his/her part of the attachment requirement.
  • The foreign spouse/partner must obtain 60 points if both spouses/partners are over 24, or 120 if one or both are under 24.
  • The foreign spouse/partner must pass the immigration test.

Requirements relating to the spouse/partner residing in Denmark:

  • The spouse/partner must not have been convicted of violent acts against a former spouse/partner in the past 10 years.
  • The spouse/partner must agree to support the foreign spouse/partner
  • The spouse/partner must either hold a Danish residence permit granted on the grounds of asylum or Protected Status (the Danish Aliens Act,section 7 and 8) or have held a permanent Danish residence permit for the past three years or more.
  • If the spouse is a foreign citizen, he/she must meet a number of the requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit.
  • The spouse/partner must meet his/her part of the attachment requirement.
  • The spouse/partner must be able to support him/herself – that is, he/she must not have received public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act or the Integration Act for the past three years.
  • The spouse/partner must have accommodation of adequate size at his/her disposal.
  • The spouse/partner must post DKK 100,00 (2011 level) in bank-backed collateral to cover any public assistance paid to the foreign spouse/partner under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act or the Integration Act. As is the case now, there will be a possibility in certain cases.


Pista sa Mayo 2011 & Babaylan Denmark’s 14th Anniversary

Please join the Pista sa Mayo 2011 at the St. Anne’s Church Main Hall, Dronning Elizabeth Alle 3, 2300 KBH. S from 10.30-20.00 .

A letter to my son on his 5 year birthday

My Dearest Son,

Congratulation on your birthday!!! You’re now 5 years old but it was like only yesterday that you came out to this world and now I have to answer all kinds of questions and we can discuss a lot of things. I love it when you say I’m the best mother in the world and you always tell me that you love me and even shout out loud when you see me. I have to admit that sometimes I want to freeze the time that you will always my little baby but I know that’s impossible.  But I hope you will still tell that when you grow up and have a lot of friends.

In the morning when you wakes up you always smile and kiss me and say “Good morning Mama” which makes my day complete. We sit down and we eat our breakfast together and talk while watching your favorite program in the TV, the Disney channel and your favorite videos in The Voice. We always wants to stay but then I have to deliver you to the Kindergarten and that’s when sometimes we have disagreement because you want to play more. On the way to the Kindergarten and we talk about the garbage truck or the cars along the way until I have to kiss and wave my hand and I’m not sad because I know you love to be there.

I’ m very proud of you at very young age you can do a lot of things like writing letters to me and a lot of things. You are so smart at a very young age but I’ always tell you and I pray that you stay humble and be patient if others can’t understand you. And you will always count on me to support and guide you along the way.

I thank God that you are a healthy and a happy boy who always makes me and your father happy. We can not shower you with material things but you know that we are always have time for you and we cherish every moment we spent with you. We love you and Happy 5th birthday “Anak ” God bless you always.

With love,