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How we celebrate the Philippine Independence Day in Denmark?

How we celebrate the Philippine Independence Day in Denmark?

The Babaylanes after decorating the stage for the Independence Day in .Group picture during the well attended Independence Day in Odense last JUne 2, 2012

Every year during the month of June Filipinos around the world gather together and celebrate the Philippine Independence Day. When I was in the Philippines we don’t really celebrate it locally but in the cities and in the capital region there are programs commemorating this special day. It is by the way a non working holiday so people go to the mall or plaza to watch the programs usually which usually starts with flag ceremony with the attendance of government officials and parade in the morning and in the afternoon there are programs consisting of different cultural show with special guests consisting of celebrities – politicians,actors, actresses and singers.

I was once asked what so interesting about and why we celebrate it? Is it just our excuse to party? My answer was it is important for us Filipinos because we were colonized more than 300 years from 1521 -1898 by Spain it is just right to commemorate our freedom every year.

Party? yes of course we love to party. It is in our culture even before the Spanish time I further explain to that danish guy that the Filipinos by nature are used to gather around and celebrate any events by singing, dancing, joking around, sharing food etc. We always want to share joy or even grief together with friends and guests. We love funfare, fiestas or festivities from month of May almost all towns have their fiesta honoring their patron Saints and to add culminating the May Flower Festival is the the Santacruzan parade.  My theory is this our way to cope with the long years of oppression during the old times and the poverty in the modern times. The Filipinos also are very hospitable people always want to please the visitors and the colonizers so they always present fantastic show to entertain guests and enjoy the moment and forget about their problems. This is why we don’t get pleasure in just eating in some parties there should be entertainment, that’s why the Magic Karaoke becomes popular but that’s another story.


Group picture during the well attended Independence Day in Odense.

Just to give a little background, thePhilippine Declaration of Independence Day occurred 114 years ago on june 12, 1898 to be exact in the Philippines by General Emilio Aguinaldo who wast he first Republican President. But the declaration was short-lived as Spain ceded the Philippines to the Americans through the Treaty of Paris by accepting 20 million US dollar. The Americans did not recognize the Philippine Republic until after the world War 2 when they declared the Philippine Independence on July 4, 1946 but it was later changed by Pres. Diosdado Macapagal on August 4, 1968 through signing a new law called Republic Act No.4166I . Since then the 4th of July became FIL-AM friendship Day.


The establishement of FILCOM DENMARK

I don’t know how the Filipinos celebrate the Independence Day before I came here but during the past 10 years it just few Filipino organization who organized the event. I think 2009 they were different celebrations in Denmark in different places but not as grand as in Norway or Holland but it was limited since it is always in a 4 star Hotel.

The year 2010 the then Ambassador Elizabeth Buensuceso asked for a meeting  asking the different organizations to join forces in celebrating the Independence Day  and that was the year the FILCOM DK was born. The first united Independence Day in Copenhagen was a succesful event where Filipinos and Danish friends from all walks of life came, joined the parade in the streets of Copenhagen and watched the fantastic show. Unfortunately I was in the Philippines on vacation and was also amazed how they became nationalistic as most establishment display the Phi. Flag. It was later that I found out that from 28th of May to June 30 were designated as flay days. Another reason of “proud to be Pinoy attitude “was that hope and gratitude President  Benigno “PNOY” Aquino won the presidential Election that year. Here is a short video of the 2010 Filcom Denmark’s Independence Day.

As I live in Denmark I became aware of my Filipino roots and I long to join the Independence Day celebration but the problem is it is always in the hotel and not all can afford to join. Whenever I see how the Filipino community in the Netherlands, London and Oslo where they do it in a big park I wonder if we can do it here in Denmark? I longed for an event without the fancy gowns, stars, important people and beauty contest and which focus away the real motive of celebrating the Independence Day. I dreamed that every guests especially 2nd generation Filipinos will learn more about the Philippines road to Freedom and become proud of their heritage .

Like our road to freedom from the colonizer, uniting the different organizations might take longer time but I believe as a Filipino even we’re donning different nationalities, we have the obligation to celebrate this special day to give thanks to our forefathers who fought and sacrifice their lives to achieve the freedom we have the privilege to enjoy right now. We don’t need any famous stars, beauty queens, world-class entertainers to come and be proud to be Filipinos. We should impart to our children our roots and  our culture that makes as unique and be proud as Filipino no matter what your status. But of course I always encourage Filipinos to attend such gatherings no matter what organizations and groups they belong as it is only done  once a year to. Party and disco is only a plus but the feeling of together as Filipinos is the most important especially when you are away from home, the Philippines.


Posing with Babaylan Dancers during Filcom DK Independedence Day 2011

I support FILCOM DK and salute all the active committee members cause they sacrifice their precious time to bring the Independence Day every year for 3 years to every Filipino with no entrance. I also salute the sponsors,contributors, the performers who do it for free and for our mother land. It might not be grand as the other celebrations in other parts of the world but having and event where Filipinos in Denmark old and new, residents and aupairs meet is a privilege.

I only started to join the celebration last year. The venue was not that big so it was a 2 day event but still lots of people came and watched the cultural show. I even did present the evolution of the Philippine Flag and the protocol in displaying it which is always not in the right way. The Philippine flag is unique cause it can indicate indicate if the Philippines is in state of war when the red field is displayed above the blue, or on the observer’s left when the flag is displayed vertically. We should always remember this as we display the flag during special events especially during the Independence Day celebration.

Proper display of PHL flag

Here is an announcement from FILCOM DENMARK


FILCOM Denmark will celebrate the Philippines 114th Independence Day in Copenhagen on
Saturday, 9 June 2012.
11:00-18:00 Fiesta 19:00-01:00 Free Disco
 Skottegårdsskolen, Saltværksvej 63

We encourage Filipinos and Danes to come and join us wearing Filipino attire and bring Filipino Flag and your Filipino Spirit in remembering our 114th Independence Day as we will have a parade in the streets near the venue. Parade will start at 12.30.

There is no entrance fee but we encourage all to buy a raffle ticket for 25 dkk to win Ipad 2 with 16 GB, basket of goods, dinner for two and a lots of consolication prizes. You can buy raffle tickets at the entrance.

FILCOM DK has prepared exciting program: Parade, Film Showing, Parlor games for children, Cultural Show, singing, dancing, live band, FILCOM DK logo competition, kids game and raffle drawing.

Food court with tasty Filipino Culinary Delights,Tiangge (Dry Good stalls) and Softdrinks/Bar at reasonable prices.



To those who watch the EURO 2012 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS

you can watch LIVE in a big screen the Football match between


FILCOM DK (Filipino Community in Denmark) was established 3 years ago with the main objective is to unite Filipinos who belong to different organizations, religous group, political parties or Filipinos from different regions in the Philippines to celebrate the Philippines Independence Day and Christmas every year. It is a Non profit Organization and everybody is welcome to join even as individual. There is no leader or chairperson in Filcom DK but all organization or individual are represented in the working committe.

Mabuhay ang FILCOM Denmark

Gala Night and Fiesta to celebrate 114th Philippine Independece in Odense Denmark

WHAT: Philippine Independence Day Event in Odense,
WHEN: June 2
WHERE: Marienlystcenter
Windelsvej 138
5000 Odense C

Raffle ticket for adults — 200kr (inclusive food and raffle tickets ):
1st prize 1 Apple Ipad worth 3k
2nd prize worth 2k
3rd worth 1k

Best in costume:
1st 1k
2nd 500kr
3rd 300 kr

Children’s ticket — 100 kr (foods and raffle ticket)
1st prize 500kr
2nd 300kr
3rd 200kr

Asian Dishes, lechon baboy and stege mad (drink for sale at the venue for a reasonable prices)
A lot of consolation prizes, Cultural show (singing , folk dancing hiphop and modern dance numbers)
If you don’t have a ticket yet please contact: Miss Araceli Andersen 40480096

Invitation for Babaylan Denmark's114th Gala Night & Fiesta

Menu for the buffet style dining on June 2, 2012

Invitation to Babaylan Denmark/ Odense Summer Party 2011

Calling all Filipinos their families and friends in Odense and nearby areas in Fyn you are all invited to attend the first Su mmer Party of Babaylan Denmark/Odense.


Pista sa Mayo 2011 & Babaylan Denmark’s 14th Anniversary

Please join the Pista sa Mayo 2011 at the St. Anne’s Church Main Hall, Dronning Elizabeth Alle 3, 2300 KBH. S from 10.30-20.00 .

Filcom Denmark- Pasko

Filcom DK - the United organizations in Denmark joined Christmas Party in Copenhagen

After the succesful Independence Day this year the FILCOM- DK which consists of various organizations, church groups and other groups in Denmark will be having another joined events this Christmas called Paskøbenhavn. I’m one of the active organizer of this event and I’m very amazed how these Filipinos in Denmark sacrificed their precious time for the community. All FILCOM events are non profit and any proceeds will be used for common Filipino Activity in Denmark like the on going Consular Outreach and Mobile Passporting at the St. Anne Church big hall December 10-11 from 9-18, the Independence Event and this coming Christmas party.

Please contact any member of FILCOM-DK or you can email: babaylanDK (at) if you want to reserved a ticket or check the Facebook group of FILCOM-DK here

This event is sponsored by

Blog Readers Appreciation Day

Today is the Blog Reader Appreciation Day!!!

blogappreciation22I thank you all my visitors and readers. I really appreciate your comments and visits it inspires me and somehow feel I exist in this world. No one can beat the happiness and excitement when you see who visiting especially blogger friends who always stops by post comments.

To those new here I’m a Filipina who happened to found my soul mate and my true love here in the North far away from my motherland, the Philippines. I love my life here and almost fully integrated to the new culture but I still long for my own culture and heritage . I miss my family, friends, my colleagues, my clients, my workers, my books, my mango trees, my coconut trees, my music, jeepneys, the people, and many things. When I was new here they ask me what is our culture then I started to think of the things I took for granted when I was still in the Philippines now I am proud to share to the world what I am and where I came from and will not be forgotten because I will pass it on  to my son.

That’s why, I thank you my dear readers through my blog I can share and get to know other bloggers, their thoughts, advocacies, their problems, their families, their cities and their cultures and somehow quench my thirst about news and events in my motherland and around the world. It’s also became an instrument to spread the advocacies like this Blog Reader Appreciation Day.Through your visits and comments my dear readers I slowly finding my self again, my self confidence and be appreciated .

Thank you Rolly for posting a comment and for appreciating me and for that I put your link on the Save the monumento badge in my side bar which I overlooked.

I also thank Robin Reagler for creating this event in Bloggers unite. You can visit by clicking the link there there are bloggers who gives free E- BOOKS and other goodies I downloaded from veryheaven .


International Word Water Day 2009

215x124buttonToday is World Water Day which is celebrated every year since March 22, 2009. It’s aim is to focus on freshwater and its importance in our lives.

Water is our life. We use water not only for drinking and cooking but for everything cleaning and washing. I came from a province where there was no problem with fresh drinking water. We get our drinking water in a faucet built by the Americans before the war. This was this free flowing water faucet where we use to drink and also wash our clothes. There’ a lot of memories in that we called “Gripo”, faucet, it served like a meeting place some sort of today social networks . It nerved to be a meeting place to catch the latest gossip or just plain social hub. Pails, buckets, plastic gallons lined waiting to be filled up while the women were washing clothes in their “Batyas”, water tub.

But After 30 years the free flowing faucet became a water pump which means that water level is decreasing because of population boom. Most of the houses are installed with water district installations so people in my hometown rarely fetch water in that common faucet. But still many fetch their drinking water because they don’t trust the water coming out from the Local Water System. Others have their drinking water delivered by the water refilling Stations.

I lived in Metro Manila most of my adult life and thats where I experienced the real water crisis. We used a lot of plastic container to store water because the water only comes at night so we have to store for the next day’s use. We boil the water to be sure its safe for drinking. Bottled and refill stations were never heard of 20-25 years ago.

But it was worst when I moved to the South of Metro Manila, Paranaque. There was no water because it was not part of the NAWASA (National Water an Sewerage Company), the operator of the local water district. Even if you lived in plush Subdivision or village you have to have your own deep well and installed a big overhead tank which we had in my former house. But as the years went by the water that came of the faucet became yellow not drinkable and not even suitable for domestic use just for the garden and flushing the toilets. So we became dependent of the water delivery which was so expensive plus the drinking water. The cost of water bill almost eat up our budget. That’s terrible. It did not improved when the Maynilad got the right to supply water in that area it was still now you see now you don’t scheme.

For that experiences Filipinos became aware how to wash dishes using water tubs and taking baths using pails and “tabo” a water dipper. They dreams that someday water will come from their shower, they can flush their toilets, use automatic washing machine without putting water manually without using electric pumps or water booster.

According to a DENR (Department of environment and Natural Resources) study that 1,907 cu.meter of fresh water would be available to each person each year, making the Philippines the second lowest among Southeast Asian country with fresh water availability. They also said that the Philippines faces a severe water crisis in 2010 that will be a year from now. Read the rest of the story for inquirer.

The DENR should act fast and find ways how to combat this problem. Proper water management and policies should be given top priorities. But policies can not work alone without the citizens cooperation. All of us should be aware about the water crisis and do our part to conserve precious drops of water.

This is post on is my response to one event I joined at

I joining Rolly Ocampo in posting more about water awareness after the event tomorrow.

Please take alook at these blogs:

1. Rolly Ocampo

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How about you do you have any story to tell or articles about water conservation or anything about water?