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Invitation to : A Glimpse of Filipino Culture! An afternoon of sharing Filipino Culture and Traditions

A Glimpse of Filipino Culture! An afternoon of sharing Filipino Culture and Traditions

Babaylan-Denmark is inviting Filipino Au Pairs, Host Families and Friends to an afternoon of sharing Filipino culture, values and traditions, “A Glimpse of Filipino Culture!

Through the years, Babaylan has been conducting Cross Cultural Orientations for Filipino Au Pairs to provide them with important information about their legal rights, and better understanding of the Danish Culture and Society.

“A Glimpse of Filipino Culture”, is, however, an event  that will focus more on the Host Families and Friends of Au Pairs.  This event will serve as an opportunity to introduce some of our Filipino traditions and values to host families, and help them understand and appreciate better the presence of an “additional” member of the family.

March 3: A Glimpse of Filipino CultureClick on photo to enlarge

A Glimpse of Filipino Culture!
An afternoon of sharing Filipino culture, values & traditions with Host Families, Au Pairs & Friends.

(Food, booth, songs, dances, games & cultural shows)
March 3, 2012
Kl. 12 – 17

Vangedevej 178, 2820 Dyssegård, Gentofte

Please call or SMS to confirm participation.
Tel. no.+45 5034 8835  or email:>

The majority of Filipinas living in Denmark find their place in Danish society through the home: as wives/girlfriends, mothers, or au pairs. In building cross-cultural relationships, many questions arise. Some of these are:
• What is the Filipina attitude towards work and family?
• Why are holidays like Christmas so important?
• In what ways are Danes and Filipinas similar/different?
• Why are songs and dances so important for Filipinos?
• Why do working Filipinas send a good portion of their income home?

We will discuss these questions and many more about Filipino culture. The goal is to create opportunities for better understanding of each other’s culture in a fun and exciting way, to foster closer relations/partnerships between Filipinas and their host families

We encourage you to come and join us for a memorable afternoon. (Children are of course welcome.)

We hope to see you soon!

Greetings from
Babaylan Denmark

Et indblik I den Filippinske kultur

Så er muligheden der endelig for en hyggelig eftermiddag for au pairs og deres værts familier. Kom og deltag i en kulturel udveksling for at få en bedre forståelse for den Filippinske kultur.

Dette vil foregå via præsentationer, mulighed for at stille spørgsmål til et panel, mad, boder, sang, dans og andre aktiviteter.

Størstedelen af Filippinske kvinder i Danmark finder deres plads i samfundet som, koner/kærester, mødre eller au pairs. Når vi skal bygge broer imellem vores forskellige kulturer danner der sig ofte nogle spørgsmål. Nogle af disse kunne lyde:
• Hvordan er Filippinsk attitude i forhold til arbejde og familie?
• Hvorfor er helligdage så som jul så vigtige?
• På hvilke måder er Danskere og Filippinere ens/forskellige?
• Hvorfor er sang og dans så vigtig for Filippinere?
• Hvorfor sender arbejdende Filippinere en god portion af deres indkomst hjem til deres familier?
Dette og meget mere vil der være mulighed for at få et større indblik i. Formålet er at skabe en større forståelse for hinanden og gøre det på en sjov og spændende måde, for dermed at skabe tættere relationer/sammenarbejde imellem Filippinere og deres værtsfamilier.

OFW nightmare – My Father Story

I always consider myself an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker because both my parents are OFW) even though I a migrant Filipino. Thanks to the new technology it eases the pain of being away from your love ones you can chat see each other through webcamera but NOTHING compares to pain when one is sick or in pain and you can not hug or kiss or just be there comforting each other awaiting the sad news.

My father was supposed to be ok and he actually was fine last Sunday, he wash the dishes but they have to perform another operation because they have to clean somethingthere is a swelling in his brain so he was operated for the second time last Monday but this morning he was bleeding so he was operated again. It looks like the doctors made a mistake .

Right now I feel so much pain that I want to join my mother and 2 brothers and sister in Madrid but I can’t do that right now many things is playing in my mind but I told my mother it’s beyond human hands we all need to pray because what I can remember is that all I asked from our Lord He granted all my prayers
For my blogger friends knew about my father

History I will post some pictures of him.

2006 during our visit in Madrid

2006 during our visit in Madrid


Our first christmas together as a family after 27 years

My son baptism 2006 in Denmark

My son baptism 2006 in Denmark

december 2008 with my youngest sister

december 2008 with my youngest sister

ecember 2006 with me


March 2009 My sister and my aunt from DK visited them

At the hospital Decemebr 25, 2008

At the hospital December 25, 2008

I can say that yes working abroad makes our life better and OFW’s are considered the new heroes by sending money to their families. Those remittances helps the economy of the Philippines but it’s also has consequences.

So if I can’t update this blog you know why.

Please Pray for my father’s recovery and our family to be strong in this time of crisis.

Thank you.

Counselling for Filipina Au Pairs in Denmark

Babaylan Denmark in cooperation of Kvinderådet since January 14 has started a telephone counselling for Filipino au pairs in Denmark. If you are a Filifino au pair (not there are also male au pairs) who needs to talk to somebody about your problems on your work as an au pair or personal problems you can now call 70204909. It is strickly confidential so don’t be afraid.

Below is the official announcement for Babaylan Denmark.


Kvinderådet / The Danish Women Council Babaylan DK

A Cooperation between Babaylan DK and
the Danish Women Council (Kvinderådet)

from 5 to 8 pm
Please call 70204909

Strictly in confidence, for free and we will connect you, if need be, to the right professional who can help you with your specific problem!
Fully Authorized Interpreter & Translator in two main Filipino languages:
Tagalog & Visayan

Request for help in repatriation of a Filipina

November last year the Filipino community in Denmark were shock when Dulce, an au pair was killed in a vehicular accident. There is a on going ban of aupair in the Philippines European countries like Denmark who still approves au pair visas to thousand of Filipinas.  But when something terrible happens no one will take the responsibility not even the host country.  But the Bayanihan (Cooperative struggle) spirit of the Filipinos with the help of the Philippines Embassy her body was sent to the Philippines.  Read the rest of the story in

Now another sad story happened to a former au pair who suddenly complained of back pain but it turned out that it was cancer please read below the letter of her cousin.

Dear Friends,

My mom’s cousin ate Carina passed away last wednesday in Herlev hospital due to a very aggressiev form of cancer. She was brought to the hospital early november due to some back pains, which turned out to be fluid in her lungs. In around 1 month time, the doctors have discovered cancer in her kidney, liver, both lungs, intestines and bones. An operation or Chemo was not an option anymore as the cancer was very aggressive. She was in morfin for around two weeks to help her with the pain, and then she passed away in her sleep last wednesday.

She hasnt been back home in the philippines for six years, her family here has not seen her in a long time. Her last wish was to be able go back and rest here.  I am asking for any amount of donation you can help us in our fund raising, so she can be here with her mother and siblings before christmas.

Please see attached file, and I thank you all in advance.


Babaylan Denmark, which I’m the board secretary is asking for kind hearted souls to help fund the repatriation of the body of Carina Camp David.

Here’s the announcement formthe Babaylan DK website:

Carina Camp David, 32 years old, passed away on December 17th, 2008 after a painful struggle with a kidney cancer at Herlev Hospital.  Her dying wish is to be able to return home and be burried in the Philippines.  For this, we ask for ask for your gnerosity and assistance in the form of cash donation to facilitate her repatriation and burial in our beloved country.

Carina David, Sept 15, 1976–Dec 17, 2008

Carina David, Sept 15, 1976–Dec 17, 2008

You may deposit your cash donation to
Babaylan-Denmark Bank Account, EIK BANK – 6610 2494890.
For further information, please contact Nitnit Mongaya at tel. no. 49194690 or email filomenitahm@qmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Additional information:

The  Funeral mass this coming Monday dec.22 at St. Anne’s church. 11am.
There is also  a Padasal for her this saturday 12pm at Bygmestervej 33 1tv. 2400 kbn. nv.

It is part of our customs to the Philippines to attend a funeral mass even if you are not friends of the family giving money as “abuloy” (alms) but the most important  is condoling the family of the deceased.  I live near a catholic church and a cemetery and 4 years ago my husband called me that it seems there was a demonstration of hundreds of Filipinos but it was actually a funeral of beloved Filipina who helped a lot of our Kababayans in her lifetime.  But its not only famous or known people that Filipinos flock during funerals it just in our culture to offer condolences and prayers.

My Condolences to Carina Camp David’s family. I hope my donation and the others kind hearted people will help ease the pain that struck here family.

Filipino Au Pair’s In Denmark Story

I’ve been really bothered when you hear about the sad plight of Au pairs here in Denmark I always thought that it’s sole Filipina problem but I found out that there’s also a handful of male filipino au pair and I contacted this former au pair here in Denmark his name Almay Aguirre. He had been carrying her bad experience for a long time but by telling his story in his blog it lightens his heavy heart now he is with me in au pair awareness advocacy. Please read his story and tell me what you think.
Almay Aguirre, The Filipino Au pair

Almay Aguirre, The Filipino Au pair

Let me tell you a story about me being an Au pair in Denmark, In the Philippines before I have applied as Au pair, I was told by a close friend of mine that if I was interested to work in Denmark, she was able not mention what type of work it was and at that moment I was not so knowledgeable of what type of work I was dealing with, with me at that time hearing even just a word “abroad” is just too far from a dream come true because thousands and thousands of Filipino graduates are striving hard and to find employment locally and abroad. As I have heard from my friend telling me if I was interested working abroad, my mind was just instantly blown away and I have not wasted a seconds to reply “yes” I am very interested. After that I had started asking her what to do, what are the thing needed for me to qualify, I also told her “in a joking way” that I am very willing to sell anything or even my “underwear” if I had too hehe! just for me to go abroad, you should know the facts that even if you grow old working in a supermarket or any Shopping Mall in the Philippines the salary of an Au pair in Denmark or was it called “Allowance” at 2500 dkk.

according to

is much bigger than a salary of a company ranked Manager, well it depends actually which company manager, if the company is just a local and newly established company then it is little a higher but if it is an international based company then it’s a little close on some of the companies in the Philippines. so then this good friend of mine has financed me everything from the start from gathering requirements expenses, visa fees, travel expenses and up to the time that she was also the one who bought me my ticket from Manila to Denmark. the only problem with the situation is that it cost me and her so much for I was not expecting it would reach up to a hundred thousand pesos and more of a total expenses. anyway I was under an informal Au pair agency where she has also undergone before. let me tell you in a simple mathematical ways:

Applying as Au pair from the Philippines depends on your logic, inside contacts and strategy:

Travel Expenses: (from your local province or city up to Departing the country)

  1. Plane Ticket from your local province before passing an application
  2. Lodging Allowance: (if you don’t have any relatives living near the Embassy or Consulate)
  3. Embassy Fee: (According to embassy)
  4. Plane Ticket returning to your local province after passing an application
  5. Plane Ticket for having a visa stamp on your passport
  6. Here comes the Plane ticket expenses
  7. Not to mention Fees for Exiting the country hahaha!
  8. before I forgot the Fees for the one who finds your host family or employer 🙂 (very unlawful but some people has no choice)

Please take note: that it is very unlawful that someone will ask for a payment for finding your host family but in reality it really happens, It is like a commission for them that their reason is they are the one who finds your host family and some people says that it is their responsibility of finding another one who will be replacing you after your contract has ended, well let me tell you that you can report them to the police for it is very unlawful for us, never let it happen to you or to anyone, some people sell their properties and some sell all of their live stock just for them to afford to pay in going abroad but scammers are so nasty and please be aware always, and last thing you have to wait for your approval from the Danish Immigration in Denmark maybe mostly for 1-2 months if your lucky.


After I had arrived in Denmark I was not aware that I will be staying out of my host family (another expenses) and paying for my own food (another expenses), I arrive January 17, 2007 and I lasted for ten months with my first family that means that I have been paying my own food for ten (10) months which is unlawful, paying my apartment which is another very unlawful for me, there was no problem with my first family actually but the problem is they have no spare room for their Au pair, they were giving 210 dkk for a bus card and that’s it. well my friend has given me some extra for my spare time in the morning that had helped me in my daily expenses but it was not enough and that extra (Black Money) I was talking about was unlawful and could get you in big trouble and be deported if caught by the local police automatically. I had to change three (3) apartments in just a ten (10) months for the reason I was looking for a place where it’s cheaper, The first apartment had cost me 1200 dkk monthly that lasted only for three (3) months, my second apartment had cost me 1600 dkk monthly and the last apartment of mine had cost me 2000 dkk (this one is a whole house I have rented for they are friends of my first host family) but then after all things that had happen I have realise that I was working had but all of my earnings are not for me but all had come to my expenses. even my salary I had to pay it for my rent, boy! I can tell you how sorry I was for me having a situation like that, and I was always saying to my self I was supposed to be in abroad to uplift myself but lucky me I was in pain hard work and misery, so then a few months later I decided to find a new host family and talked to my first host family about the situation that there was no problem having them as my host family but the problem is of me living out of the family paying my own rent and food which is supposed to be their responsibility. I have waisted no time and transferred as soon as possible to m new host family and I was happy having my own room and privacy, no more apartment fees, food allowance from your sweat and no more “Black Money“. I have just ended my contract last 26 of October 2008 and went home to my homeland Philippines.

Quick Tips:

For Au pairs, please if you have any problem regarding any situation either financially or personal with your host families talk to them politely about the problem, if they listen to you and understand you they will make a solution for the problem but if they will just do nothing and your salary is always delayed and etc…, waste no time find a new one which you feel comfortable to live with. If I could help about anything, please send me a mail via my email:

or leave a comments to this post.

For Families, Please do not delay the salary of your Au pairs for they have a family depending on them either they are the one who pays for the tuition of their sibling’s or the bread winner of the family. please be aware that your Au pairs are not the “murmuring type” for if we don’t like the way you treat us, we just stay quiet and find a new host family signed a contract before we tell you about the problem, of course we analyze first the situation for there are so many different types of problems faced by the Au pair and the families they are living with.

Au pairs always be informed, don’t be scammed, don’t pay for anyone who you think is not authorized for finding you a host family.

Well all for now and GOD Bless you all always,

Brew 🙂

You can visit his blog
His blog is very informative for those who are aspiring to work as au pair her in Denmark and other parts of the world.

Do you have any au pair stories to share here or in his blog happy or sad stories are welcome.

Update from Cathy’s Story
Good news!!!She started with a new host today so lets hope and pray for her that her new family will treat her nice and respect her rights and that she will enjoy her stay here in Denmark and finally learn the culture and visit the museums and nice historical places that she had not experienced before.

Filipina Au Pair in Distress-

Cathy  a sweet Filipina Au pair

Cathy, The filipina au pair

This is Catherine when she was in Holland, her picture reflects sweetness and contentment of her experience with her host family in Holland. But she asked me not to published her present picture because she lost weight because she don’t want her family to worry when they see her now.

Catherine story is one of the many Filipina sad stories about the bad aupair situation in Denmark. I met her last Saturday sobbing while telling me her sad flight, her sad experiences with mind you 2 danish families.

The 1st danish host family

Catherine came to Denmark almost 5 months ago hoping to broaden her cultural horizons since she already worked as an aupair in Holland for 1 year she want to extent her stay in Europe. Nearing the end of her contract in Holland she tried to find possible au pair job in Denmark and she made contact to a family in Hellerup and they hired her as their au pair or offer (that’s danish for victim).

She received 2,500 dkk monthly in allowance thats the minimum allowance set up by the state but she worked more than the allowed maximum of 30 days per week. She was asked to baby sit for many hours sometimes 10 hours per week and she tried to talked to them and they said that they will see until she noticed she was already five months. It is not only long working hours but it’s more of how they treated her badly like she was not a part of the family but a house help. For along time she can not sleep and lost so much weight and she cannot take it anymore then one day while she was crying in the train station wondering what kind of hell she end up with. Another au pair approached her and gave her a telephone number of a family who is looking for an au pair. When she informed her host that she will transfer to a new family they immediately asked her to leave and sign a paper that she is transferring to this and that but it also written there without her knowledge (it was in danish) that her service as their au pair were paid but actually they owed her at least more than half a months salary but they told her that they will send it to her new address. They gå væk translated go out go out while laughing and shouted you will work your head and ass anywhere. Well maybe she’s witch because it became true. Just read on.

The 2nd danish host family

She then contacted that family in Holte where they promised her 3000 DKK allowance and a bus ticket to the city in her free time but it turned out that this 2nd family was worse than the first one. She starts to work 7.15 prepare breakfast and pack lunch, feed the kids, prepare the clothes and bathe and clothe them. She has to clean the house pick up the kids in Hellerup, do the laundry, help with the assignment, cook dinner, feed kids, prepare clothes for the next day etc. until around 8 pm. Wow that’s more than 10 hours everyday. For few days she don’t even have any break for meal just drank some tea that’s all. So when she received her schedule she reminded the lady of the house that she should only work max. 5 hours and also give her some breaks according to the contract they both signed but the dot the answer “You should see a doctor,I think you are depressed”, who will be depressed with that schedule just take a look below.

Cathy's Schedule

Cathy's Schedule

She managed to keep a copy of it. The worst part is they claim that they just copy their neighbours another Filipina au pair schedule which 5 or more pages thick and she also had a copy of that.
I gave her a contact number of a au pair counselor and she was really decided that she doesn’t want to stay with that family so now Cathy is trying to find a new family so she will have happy memories of Denmark before going back to the Philippines.
At the Foreign Service (Immigration Service)
  • When she went to the Foreign Service office to submit her new contract for the 2nd host she told them about her 1st host and showed the paper that she signed but they said that she can not used it for anything and ask them about her salary they said that they going to write them that they have to pay her.
  • Sunday she told the 2nd host that she don’t want to stay with them because of the long hours and it’s ok with them. Monday she went back again to the Foreign Service office with the lady (2nd host) to cancel the contract Cathy had submitted in the weekend but before that Cathy had to prepare breakfast and lunch of the children. I advised her that she make it sure that the conversation is in English but no they spoke in Danish and she tried to but the lady said that they will translate to her later. She asked the one worker or attendant from the foreign service if she can state the reason why she’s leaving the answer is”IT DOESN’T MATTER”. That I can not understand because according to their supervisors all au pairs that will change families should state why so if they are abused then they can reprimand the family or banning them to use the au pair system. If they heard her reasons they can tell that woman to do what is right and respect the right of the au pair. Now that lady is in the internet also looking for au pair but one Filipina she had interviewed said she wa offered only 2,500 DKK only and she thinks badly of Filipina then why she wants filipina? duh.
Cathy’s Life in Holland
She came to Holland thru a Au pair agency which she was very thankful because she did not pay exhorbitant fee like what some agency here in Denmark takes. The owner was also an au pair so she understand what are the problems of au pair. Before she flew to Holland she underwent a training for au pairs free of charge where she learned how to use vacuum cleaners, proper cleaning of the house and what types of cleaning chemicals to use, a short introduction of Hollands people and culture, caring for children etc.
The family she stayed with were nice and treated her like a member of the family. They also invited her to come with them in their holiday but when she declined they give her extra allowance. It is also included in her contract and its normal in Holland that they give 30minutes to 1 hour call to au pairs family in the Philippines and also mobile phone. Although the maximum stay is only 1 year au pair experience gratitude for the work or service of their offer like making a special day where the children gives some presents to their au pair. I think I haven’t heard of that here no matter how good or hardworking their au pairs were.
The pictures above was Cathy’s host family in Holland where as a loving family where they shown how they appreciate Cathy by making some memorable artworks for Cathy to treasure the rest of her life. You can obviously see how the Holland host family treat their au pair in contrast to the danish families.
Right now Catherine is still in Copenhagen and some kind hearted people are giving her accommodation and she is still looking although she’d been interviewed a lot of times she’s too careful now. Although she don’t have money she can sleep at night and if she can not find a family who will respect her as a person she can always go back in the Philippines because she can always find work. Even she said low paying but her dignity still in tact and she is respected. She has a degree in elementary education and taught in private school and also worked in a government office in her Town where the famous Mayon volcano lies.
If any one is interested to hire her you can leave contact me and I will give her your message.
If you have the same story good or bad just write to me and I will also feature you in this blog to make an au pair awareness so that the danish people become aware that slavery is dead and the Filipino people will know that working abroad is not always a bed of roses and AU PAIR IS NOT A DOMESTIC HELPER.

Filipina Au Pairs in Denmark in the Spotlight

Last October 22 the Filipina au pairs were on the Spotlight when the Danish Parliament conducted a joint hearing regarding the au pair scheme. On that hearing they focus on the Filipina Au pairs because of many cases of abuse from their host families. Many of them were used a cheap house help which is not their duty as an au pair.

What is au pair?

The au pair scheme is a cultural exchange program where young girls stays with families with at least 1 child under 18 years old and are treated as equal by the host families. The au pair is a cultural/educational exchange program that will enhance au pair’s proffesionally by understanding the culture of it’s host country by learning the language and its people. They have a written contract wherein they site what responsibilities of the au pair and these are light household chores, taking care of the children and buying groceries. They are only allowed to work from min 15 to maximum 30 hours per week, one day off during week days and free during weekends and besides that they are allowed to have time to join or attend danish language lessons and practice religious activities

You can visit the Danish Immigration Service official website for more information.

Why Filipina au pairs?

  • This is because they represent the biggest chunk of au pairs here in Denmark. When I arrive in 2002 according to the Danish Foreign Service Statistics they were only 124 Filipinas out of 1,156 au pairs but last year there were 1510 Filipina au pairs out of 2,207 .
  • Out of these numbers of Filipinas many are being abused by their host families by working more than the allowed maximum of 30hrs. per week.
  • Some documentary programs exposed that this au pair scheme is being used as a work

VVF status

The danish status symbol before was VVV or 3V’s (Villa, Volvo & Vov) meaning that you live in a house or precise a villa, driving a Volvo and have a dog. But now it’s Villa, Volvo and Filipina Au pair that is the buzzword specially in the whiskey belt areas more specifically up in North Sealand where rich people lives.

Why are Filipinas are popular?

From what I know and other Danes are talking bybrowsing some forums they describe Filipinas that they

  • communicates in English
  • don’t complaint,
  • they always says yes even they don’t fell like it
  • sometimes they call their host Ma’am or Sir.
  • good housekeeping skills especially those who had previous experiences from Hongkong, Singapore etc.
  • they love children
  • Most can cooked
  • they don’t answer back even if you shout at them some they just sulk or cry

On that hearing they heard statements from people who show concern for the Filipino au pairs one from labor union, a catholic priest, a danish born Filipino . I said Filipino au pairs because there is also some male Filipino au pairs here. But what saddened me is that there was no Filipino women who speaks in that hearing since these problems represents the Filipina in bad image as well. No one can represent a Filipina problem but a Filipina itself.  So Filipina speaks up or Filipinos as whole should stand up and participate.

The goals of that hearing are the following :

  • To proposed higher allowance of au pairs from minimum of 2,500dkk to 4,000 dkk.
  • To encourage au pairs to take danish lessons.
  • Propose that au pair should not be shown out of Denmark if there will be case against the employer.
  • And many more like taxation, holidays and administration of au pairs.

There were a lot of media who were present but as I read all the news I was so sad because it seems like the press manipulated the stories away for the purpose of the hearing and maybe I’m wrong in my interpretation that the purpose was to stop the abuse of au pairs.

But they focus more on

  • The au pair scheme is just being used by Filipinas to work since it is very hard to find job in the Philippines and the salary is so low.
  • Many Filipinas are working black job meaning outside from their host families.
  • Many became stays illegally after their stay as au pair in the country.

But I can clarify some of the above issues form my own knowledge:

  • We are almost 90 million people so it is very competitive to find a job. But there are some who leave their jobs in the Philippines of the promise of some people about high salaries and better future here in Denmark. Almost all the Filipinas who came here as a au pair were highly educated although they don’t receive high salary but they do a gratifying job meaning they are not treated as slaves. They have different purpose of why they want to be an au pair.

Just to give a little glimpse of the working conditions in the Philippines

  • Working hours is 8 hours everyday salary rates differs from the the national capital Region to the other provinces which lower but in Metro Manila the minimum rate is 300pesos/day around 7 dollars plus COLA (cost of living allowance). Thats around 10,000 pesos /month but its also depends on the position office like office job usually the salary is lump sum. Thats is a starting rate and some actually gets paid double more than the minimum rate. But we can not compare from here because we have different the standard of living. But still the Philippines economy always tied up to the oil prices so the cost of commodities are so expensive so most Filipinos wanted to work abroad.
  • Most au pair receives 2,500 -3000 DKk around 550-600/month minus tax which by the way some host families just shoulder it but imagine what will happen if they go out the minimum fare is 20dkk and the sofdrinks cost 15-20 dkk. So I think most are tempted but I’m not saying that all of them are doing it. It’s not ok when someone is working black or illegally but isn’t more irresponsible and punishable if the host families are using au pairs to work as house help letting them work long hours and not paying them right. The host families have all the means while the poor girls hasn’t had any not even friends.
  • I don’t know anybody who stays illegally after their term as an au pair. But I know most the Filipinas try to seek au pair jobs in other countries like Norway or Spain in that matter and I think that is not illegal.

It’s really sad to hear sad stories of au pairs not only Filipinas but I had a friend from Brazil who suffered 2 years of abuse without telling her problems to anyone because she don’t know where to turn to not even in the Immigration service. She thougt at that time that it was normal occurrence here in Denmark

I hope that what ever changes they will make or agree in the Parliament is for the benefit for all not only for the Filipinas but all the au pairs that comes in the country.

But to the Filipino Community get involved.

Another problem is we should inform our Kababayans that au pair scheme is not a an alternative to a real job because it is a cultural exchange progam not a job. It can not pay off especially if they have to shoulder all the payments to their recruiter and the corrupt immigration officials (remember au pair is not permitted in the Philippines).

And to the would be au pairs remember you don’t have to pay any amount more than 1 month of you allowance as an au pair so that will be minimum of 2,500 around 24,000 pesos. no more no less if that is a legitimate agency. If it is a private person who will try to be an agent for you don’t try to be fooled because actually there are no expenses here because you can actually download the application from the website Even if you negotiate directly to the host families in the internet beware! know you rights.


Update: as of this writing 7.04.10 the number of working hours is from 18-30 hours per week and the allowance or pocket money in Denmark is 3000/month from Jan. 01, 2010. Just visit their website for more details.