Filipinamom is alive and kicking


FMD header 2014

Just include my latest picture in the new header that was taken last May 2014 when I was Hermana Mayor for the Santacruzan in Copenhagen. Nice photo by Jeck.


My dear readers after a long hiatus I need to post that I’m still alive and kicking. You know when a blogger doesn’t update his/her blog for  a longer period  then avid readers wonders if the the blogger is dead. But NO, I’m still alive and kicking. My life has been through a series of challenges worth blogging about from motherhood, to wife, to a community leader, women empowerment advocat, battling with day to day life here in my so called home now , Denmark  but I don’t know if its the buziness that keeps me blogging or just what we call in the blogger world as blogger’s block.

My desire to write or blog is always  there but it comes to a point  that when I start to write  then I can’t continue at all like all the thoughts just stuck in  my head. If my readers miss me then them.  I also miss one of my previous hobby blog hopping. I read several blogs that gives advise to put a stop to blogger’s block and one of them is is to visit other bloggers to gain inspiration and I think that slowly that’s help. Cleaning up the site totally like useless links and cluttered will also help but it needs a lot of time. I will in time need to do that but right I’m just going to blog. My notebook is full of ideas and ten of thousands of pictures which I think I can use.
Not only once but I experienced several times to meet my readers in person and was so glad and encourage me to go back to writing/ blogging again and that is what I’m going to do. I’m so active in community activities especially in women empowerment and blogging about it can help in gaining awareness to my advocacies. I used to have a steady visitors but to be a successful blogger is  like a relationship one should nurture by posting regularly  and interact with the readers.
I hope you can visit me again and get a peek to the adventures of the Filipinamom in Denmark.

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