Will Jessica Sanchez will be American Idol 2012?

Filipinos are ecstatic to see the result if the 16 year old Jessica Sanchez who’s mother is a Filipina from Bataan, Philippines will win the Season 11 American Idol.

The judges once used their right to save which is only once per season when she was put in the danger zone. Now she is in the Final and competing with Phillip Philips or PP who is vibrant and adjust the songs he chose to his own version. He’s good, especially his version  “You got tonight” it was light and easy  and to think he has a kidney problem during the show is amazing that he was able to perform at his best.

It so funny to read all the comments in Facebook and the American Idol website both from the Americans and the Filipinos which sometimes fans are so irrational and so caught up in the heat of the contest. Sometimes I think the FIlipinos  loves seing a filipino to win the American Idol are not playing fair instead of promoting or buying Jessica’s songs they floods all the videos of other contestants and sometimes speaking in tagalog which irritates the non filipinos as the thread is in English.

I like the way Jessica Sanchez sings,  it comes from the heart like her rendition of  of “I Don’t wanna miss a thing” some expects her to sing like Regine Velasquez who is known belter,  Jessica’s rendition is better, it’s more natural and to sing it in front of Steven Tyler was so amazing. Non Filipinos or Americans doesn’t like her as they say she is boring and she don’t posses any audience charisma like the other contestants. In my opinion,  she just loves to sing and caught up in her emotions when she perform. The judges loves her and they say she’s a pro but of course everybody has different opinion and taste,  so we”ll see and hope  that she will go home tonight as the winner.

What ever is the outcome I believe that she will succeed, win or lost you made us proud as Filipina Jessica Sanchez. Mabuhay.



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